A downloadable game for Windows

You're a takodachi!

Tako Sim is a free to play project created by Zack (ZW Multimedia) to get learning experience in Unreal Engine. Continued support is not guaranteed but updates will be pushed for, future levels may feature different gameplay than others.

I started learning Unreal in December 2021, and began this project in January 2022.

All Blueprinting is done from scratch/ no premade assets used. 

All characters and some environmental assets, some sound assets are made myself. 

This game is built using Unreal Engine 5 

A  hololive fan game

Hope Soda design by @bigforkman 

KPF Logo by @Spiritsnare

If you enjoyed the game or any of my other content and would like to show support, I do have a ko-fi available ,  https://ko-fi.com/zwmultimedia  

more social media-  https://linktr.ee/zwmultimedia


Tako Sim v1.2.2 3 GB
Version 1.2.2 May 03, 2022

Development log


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Hello!!! I have completed levels 1 through 4. All of them were quite difficult and the achievement was amazing. I'm especially glad that the masterpiece inART was waiting for me at the end of level 1.

And a bug report. In v1.2.1, if you hit the purple ball on level 3, there is a significant probability that you will be thrown off screen and Takodachi will continue to fall through the abyss and not be able to return.

Also, this may have been fixed by now, but in v1.2, when I tried to get the giant cookie at the goal on levels 1 and 3, I couldn't get it because it hit something like a wall.


Thank you for the reports and for playing the game! Think I have all those bugs fixed and will be able to send out a patch tonight

Patch 1.2.1 is live with some general fixes, reducing game file size. Check Dev Log for more.

v1.2 is live! Adding in unlockable skins and a new level, along with some other minor changes

Thinking v1.2 update should be ready by this weekend! Starting to playtest the build and look  for final changes

working on some cool additions for v1.2 update, may share some previews over twitter soon!

Version 1.1 should be live! Looks like the patch is working from the itch app. Changes include level 3 extension and design work, and some UI and sound changes. 

Hello Zack, I have made this video and your game made it to this list! Congratulations brother!


This is awesome! Thank you for checking out the game!

You are most welcome! Keep it up!

Totally expect problems or performance issues with this being my first game upload. Please leave any bug reports or feedback here and I can save notes for the next update.